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Endless Possibilities With ONSITE

comprehensive set of tools

ONSITE Features

With ease of use and smart dashboard, ONSITE offers a comprehensive set of tools and features that are highly customizable to fit your business and operations needs and allows on-time insight into your field’s operations.

Enhance your organization's operations while increasing the effectiveness and productivity of your field operations. Keep an eye on your field crew in real time and automate field service scheduling and activity.

ONSITE enables the manual assignment of work using an interactive calendar to guarantee that tasks are completed accordingly with the ability track jobs that require extra monitoring and attention instantly and communicate and respond to any incident in real time

Dynamic checklists and surveys builder

Create multi dimensions checklist and forms with unlimited customizations to fit your needs. Our drag and drop form builder come with many features to set logic, conditions, and scenarios.

Geographic zoning & mapping

Geo mapping and zoning for your operations. Divide your operation into multiple nested zones, assign responsibilities and stuff. ONSITE Geomaps utilize Google APIs

Users’ management

The users’ management gives you full control on every aspect of the user’s interaction with the applications and allow you to configure roles, permissions, and responsibilities for all your staff and employees.

Smart Scheduling

Automate your team scheduling more efficiently with SMART SCHEDULE based on predefined criteria and filters. Set it and forget it, and let ONSITE define the tasks, schedule, and assignments.

Geo Tracking

Know where your team are, monitor every drive, stop, and turn. Have a live full view of team movement with the ability to focus and track individual team member. All tracking meta data are saved for easy access and search.

Geo Fencing

Onsite gives you the ability to ensure that all tasks can be completed at the defined GEO locations only and user has to be at the right location to perform his assignment.

Trip Planner

Daily planner tool for your employees using an interactive calendar to plan their days ahead and help them be more efficient and organized as well giving managers an insight into staff daily work journey.

Offline Access

If field team face any internet connectivity issue or disconnected during a task for any reason! ONSITE mobile app will continue functioning and collect the data necessary and send it to server when internet connection is available.

Chat & Massaging

Communicate easily with you employees and among each other using the built-in chat and messaging application. Share media, locations and create chat groups and keep a record of all messages.

Locations & Branches Management

Create and manage locations and branches, upload documents and create alerts. Software configurable forms allow you to customize the forms and information to suite your business needs.

Business Units

If your business or organization have multiple business units or departments, you can create multiple sections fully configurable to fit each business function and process.


With build in predefined reports and the ability to create and customize your own reports, you will know exactly how you field staff and business are doing.

White Labeling

Setup your business identity and display your name and logo on the admin dashboard, mobile app and reports and communication.

Leads & Opportunities

Your field staff can be an asset in identifying opportunities and leads. ONSITE comes with build-in lead generator and management which can be automatically submitted sent to your marketing team to process and track.

Cloud Based SaaS

ONSITE doesn’t need hardware or special requirement to invest in and manage, the platform is cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) and can be run from any device with internet connectivity.

Your Data Your Way

ONSITE gives our clients the ability to select their own database storage server location. weather is it for privacy, compliance or to integrate with third party applications save your data your way.

Activity Logs

Every action, interaction and user click are logged into the system. You always know how your system is used, how records are created and edited when and by which user.

Dynamic Forms

Every form and data set is customizable with the ability to add different types of fields that fit into your business and organization needs.

Analytics Dashboard

Make data-driven decisions on comprehensive dashboards. display business data in interactive and customizable visualizations that enable you to monitor the status of your business, analyze processes and provide them with actionable insights.

Video & Photo Evidence

Upload photos and videos that might needed as evidence in specific case scenarios based on a predefined criteria set in the checklist.

Incidents & Alerts

Field staff can instantly submit any incident or occurrence that require an immediate attention using the mobile application, allowing you to get instant alerts of these instants, manage and track.