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Who Benefit from Onsite

Perfect Integration With Your Operations

Retail & Restaurant

Confirm the completion of store opening duties, facility cleanliness, product, and window display’s appeal to customers; ensuring all merchandise on display is clean, undamaged, and up-to-date, and confirming the functionality of electronic devices such as the POS system, cash registers, printers, and phones. Use ONSITE to photograph areas for improvement in your business and produce reports on the spot.

Banking & ATM Machines

Schedule and monitor banking self-service and branches’ quality and performance. Schedule the ATM performance testing tasks, Mystery shopper visits and collect inputs, perform quality control.

Tech & Telecom Distribution and Towers

To be competitive in the highly competitive tech market, you must have visibility over the quality and quantity of your product and monitor scheduled towers visits and preventive maintenance actions. ONSITE provides real-time visibility into your products across multiple locations, from fulfillment centers to retail stores. These capabilities are essential for almost every business involved in the fulfillment.

Government & Public Services

Government agencies and public services can benefit from ONSITE to capture data and information necessary for inspections, surveys, and compliance audits. From labor conditions and safety, to constructions and health departments, to municipalities, ONSITE is the perfect solution to create checklists, schedule visits and collect data faster, more safely, and more accurately.

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

ONSITE One of the most comprehensive solutions for scheduling and monitoring merchandising tasks, such as photographing products, conducting availability audits and reporting shelf shares.